Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary

In 2018/19 for 9 months, I was the volunteer caretaker of Chauncy Vale Wildlife sanctuary living in a residence on site. This experience took me deeper into connection with land and appreciation for it’s nature. I was involved in fundraising events, management meetings, built a new website, networked with schools and community groups, organised events and developed programs and activities. I also guided walks and interpretive tours of the sanctuary and visits to Nan Chauncy’s (An award winning Australian children’s author) heritage listed homestead. I was the recipient of the 2018/19 Southern midlands community grant. With this funding, I produced this series of videos “People Of Chauncy Vale” exploring the stories of it’s past, present and future to be used as a resource to educate schools and community groups about the cultural, historical, natural and conservation values and help protect this peaceful sanctuary for future generations to come visit.